Tales from the Orient

For the next few weeks the posts on this blog will be about a trip that I’m currently making around China. A bit over two and a half years ago I had tickets to go to China to undertake a photojournalism trip. As a twenty-four year old I had plans to ride a motorcycle to some of the poorest and most remote villages in Southwest China so I could document the people and the stories that I would hear there. With my tickets in hand and a motorcycle license under my belt I was ready to go, but alas life got in the way in the form of a boy and I decided to follow that route instead.

The story of the boy is a tale for another time but suffice to say, a bit over two and a half years on, I found myself searching for a some sense of who I was again, and lo and behold I remembered this trip. I remembered those fantastical plans to visit the land of my ancestors, but this time around alongside those memories arose new plans, new dreams and new curiosities. I was born in China twenty-seven years ago and whilst I’ve been back every now and then, I feel like I’m finally going back with the intention of trying to discover of who I am, both in the context of a family whose history is heavy and complex and of a country whose roots are tremendous and long. And so I invite you to follow along for the next few weeks, where I plan on sharing the thoughts, reflections, skills, photographs, and tales that come from the Orient.

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